Teamsters Family Services

Teamsters Family Service Program (TFS) is designed to provide assistance and apporpriate Pre-Certification for participants needing treatment for a Mental Health Condition, Substance Abuse or other personal or family difficulities

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A 24/7 member dedicated toll-free number is available for members to access provider information, SAP(substance abuse program) and in the referral for treatment.

Also assistance with obtaining an appointment.

HMC Healthcare 



                                                                  REQUIRED PRE-CERTIFICATION

It is ultimately your responsibility to request pre-certification within one business day of an admission. If you are hospitalized on an emergency basis, TFS must be contacted by the next business day.

        Providers must be certified ,licensed and approved by the Joint Commision of Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)

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HMC SAP release form

Please review the Summary Plan Description for further information regarding your plan of benefits.